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The Mirror Booth

The Best Photo Booth Technology is right here!  Full Length Mirror with absolutely amazing image quality!  Also has the ability to give you instant 4x6 prints, text photos to your guests, GIFS, and more.  You can even add an option to play games!  Everything is customizable from backdrops to photo layouts.  The Mirror Booth is sure to keep your guests entertained throughout your event!  Click for more Mirror Booth details, pictures, and videos!

E34 Social Booth

Boomerangs, GIFS, Video, and Still shots!  The E34 Social Booth has everything in today's technology!  Instantly receive to your phone and you can share with your friends and family. 


Added Bonus - Roamer feature!  Our friendly attendants can travel throughout your event and share the photo booth experience from anywhere! 

360 Booth

The 360 photo booth is one of the hottest entertainment and event experiences currently on the market. Widely called a 360 photo booth, it is actually a video booth that captures 120 frames a second. Users step on the platform, while a revolving video camera spins 360 degrees around to capture slow-motion video.


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